Triac BTA12-600C 600V 12A

Triac BTA12-600C 12A  600V

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Referencia: TR-IBTA12-600C

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Triac BTA12-600C

 Available either in through-hole or surface-mount packages, the BTA12, BTB12 and T12xx triac series is suitable for general purpose mains power AC switching.


■ Medium current triac
■ Low thermal resistance with clip bonding
■ Low thermal resistance insulation ceramic for insulated BTA
■ High commutation (4Q) or very high commutation (3Q) capability
■ BTA series UL1557 certified (File ref: 81734)
■ Packages are RoHS ( 2002/95/EC) compliant


ON/OFF or phase angle function in applications such as static relays, light dimmers and appliance motors speed controllers.
The snubberless versions (BTA/BTB...W and T12 series) are especially recommended for use on inductive loads, because of their high
commutation performances. The BTA series provides an insulated tab (rated at 2500 V RMS).

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